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"When tillage begins, other arts follow.

The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization." 

Daniel Webster

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We believe that you must bring your entire self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world: your personality, your knowledge, and, most importantly, your heart. All of these elements encouraged us to found AgroPlan Georgia LLC back in 2012. Since then, the horticulture has been thriving, and has quickly gained a loyal following. We invite you to learn about AgroPlan Georgia LLC, and to explore what excites and interests you as well.

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Projects done by AgroPlan team in Georgia

AgroPlan's management team has implemented several following agricultural projects in Georgia.


In 2015 AgroPlan team designed and developed a 100 hectare modern vineyard in Kakheti - Georgia.
The vineyard prides itself on some of the best Georgian and European varieties including Saperavi,Alexandrouli,Rkatsiteli and Sougvinion Blanc.


By 2016, 50 hectares of Stone Fruit orchard consisting of Peach, Nectarine, Apricot and Plum have been developed in the same region of Georgia - Kakheti.


In 2016, the AgroPlan team has developed 25 hectares of seedless table grapes including Crimson, Sublima, Centennial, Summer Royal, Autumn Royal and Superior.

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AgroPlan Georgia plans to develop 100 hectares of Organic Pomegranate orchard in the coming planting season and increase the area up to 400 hectares within several years including Sorting, Packing, Cold storing and Processing facilities.

Consulting service in agriculture field is one of the other activities of AgroPlan Georgia which is a fundamental factor for increasing the success level of agricultural production.

World practice shows that upgrading methods in agricultural sector is an important tool that results an effective expansion of premium quality production.

 We strongly believe that it is way difficult to get good results without professional agronomy consultancy and without updated knowledge base about technological innovations, as our fast changing and dynamically developing era demands keeping up with the latest news and constant updates about new methods and technologies.

The goal is to assist growers with honest advice and opinion, as well as detailed information to present their higher valued products into the competitive local and international markets.

The most reliable way to predict the future is

to create it!



Farm Management

Our farm management team provides the farm owners with the latest in research-based information. The company team focuses on farm financial and risk management, instructs farmers on on-going and upcoming programs, provides guidance on strategic and business planning, examines environmental management policies and maintains permanent monitoring on projects to minimize the risks of loss for future.

Our mission is to facilitate, within various communities, positive and effective alternatives to achieve the necessary sufficient supply capacity and quality, to become competitive in regional and international markets.

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Head of Legal Department


Nino runs the Legal Department in AgroPlan Georgia LLC. She is an expert on cutting through legal and bureaucratic fog and capable of working with professionals not only in Georgia, but also around the world. Since joining, she has brought to our team her drive for excellence and immense motivation to reach our goals.



Head of Accounting Department

Elene is a results oriented financial leader with the ability to drive strategic initiatives. As a dedicated member of AgroPlan Georgia LLC, she creates and adds value through continuous improvement of processes under her supervision. We are lucky to have her on our team.

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Kobus Bothma

Kobus is an international expert with 30 years of experience in Deciduous Fruit, Table Grape, Citrus, Vegetable, Wheat & Horticultural crop industry. His practical knowledge is enriched by qualifications of Nat Diploma in Agricultural Research majoring in soil science, Crop Protection & Agronomy as well as in Entrepreneurial Business Management. Kobus will support our team in pomegranate project.

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How to reach us...

Thank you for your interest in AgroPlan Georgia LLC. For more information, please feel free to get in touch.

No.50, Kechakmadze.St. Tbilisi, Georgia.


+995 322 30 71 70

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