In 2015 AgroPlan team designed and developed a 100 hectare modern vineyard in Kakheti - Georgia.
The vineyard prides itself on some of the best Georgian and European varieties including Saperavi,Alexandrouli,Rkatsiteli and Sougvinion Blanc.


February 9, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t head to the grocery store, pick up some concord, red, or green grapes, bring them home, crush them and turn them into delicious wine, congratulations, you’ve wondered what most people wonder but have been too afraid to ask: what’s...

January 5, 2018

Pomegranate possets with lemon and pistachio biscotti

This gem of a fruit makes the prettiest pink puds, as these possets prove. The nutty, zesty crunch of the biscotti makes a tasty foil for the tangy cream.

Serves 4-6
For the posset
180ml pomegranate juice
600ml double...

September 28, 2017

3500–2000 BC: 
Based on excavations of the Early Bronze Age, it is believed that the pomegranate was one of the first cultivated fruits. Most scholars support the belief that the pomegranate was native to Iran and the Himalayas in Northern India, then cultivated over t...

Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on earth.

They contain a range of beneficial plant compounds, unrivaled by other foods.

Many studies have shown that they have incredible benefits for your body, and may lower the risk of all sorts of diseases (1).

Here ar...

March 17, 2017

Pomegranate is a fruit very rich in nutrients, that makes it very popular! Derived mainly from parts of Asia can also be found in the peninsula of Malaysia, in California, in Armenia and in the tropical regions of Africa. This fruit has a very leathery texture outside...

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September 28, 2017

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Kobus Bothma

Kobus is an international expert with 30 years of experience in Deciduous Fruit, Table Grape, Citrus, Vegetable, Wheat & Horticultural crop industry. His practical knowledge is enriched by qualifications of Nat Diploma in Agricultural Research majoring in soil science, Crop Protection & Agronomy as well as in Entrepreneurial Business Management. Kobus will support our team in pomegranate project.

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