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Pomegranate, the fruit of wellness!

Pomegranate is a fruit very rich in nutrients, that makes it very popular! Derived mainly from parts of Asia can also be found in the peninsula of Malaysia, in California, in Armenia and in the tropical regions of Africa. This fruit has a very leathery texture outside the casing, of which the color varies from yellow to orange-red. Its interior is filled with seeds that are pink and provide all the nutrients that this unique fruit can have!

Its significance is highlighted through the use of pomegranate through centuries, as it is the fruit that gives Pluto to Persephone and the emblem of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The ancient Egyptians were burying pomegranates with their dead, and is also one of three ‘blessed fruit’ of Boudismou. Used as a decorative element in the temple of Solomon and the mantles of priests. In Greek tradition, is a symbol of fertility and eternity, so, at weddings we “break” pomegranate. In this throwback one can easily understands how important pomegranate is.

But how can pomegranate help?

Pomegranate is rich in vitamins, iron, potassium and fiber, and contains three different types of antioxidants (tannins, anthocyanins, ellagic acid) and its total antioxidant capacity is calculated to be 2.3 times bigger than that of red wine or green tea.

One of the most important properties is that it helps to reduce the action of free radicals. The high levels of antioxidants, such as tannins and polyphenols in pomegranates help minimize the effects of free radicals and their removal from the body. Furthermore, this action helps to reduce the signs of aging caused by free radicals.

At the same time it has properties that may contribute to normal cardiovascular function, reducing plaque from arteries, and can contribute to the reduction of cholesterol, improving in this way the function of the heart.

At the same time, because of the multitude of antioxidant vitamins it strengthens the immune system, helping it to better withstand any external attack that the body receives.

These are just some of the positive results that can offer this special fruit to our body!

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